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Crossover Church Podcast

Sermons, Conversations, Interviews, and Music.

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Episode 006 Me Too Pt 6

Welcome to the weekly podcast for Crossover Church, based in Tampa, Florida.

We exist to help people DISCOVER the gospel, DISCOVER a relationship with Christ and DISCOVER the gifts, talents and calling that God has on their lives.

We exist to help people DEVELOP their relationship with Christ (Discipleship), help them DEVELOP their gifts, talents and calling and DEVELOP practical life skills.

We exist to help people put Christ on DISPLAY through their everyday lives, through their unique gifts and talents and through serving others.

We’re glad you’re here.  We hope you enjoy this week’s episode.

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About Podcast

Crossover Church has a story to tell. That story is told on multiple platforms and in various ways. Church is one way. Music is another. Relationships are another. Loving Our City is another. This podcast will be yet another. This is a story about engaging our community and our culture in helping people put Christ on display through their everyday lives. As a unique church with unique people, we desire to help people grow and develop and want to use every platform and opportunity to share that message and that story. This podcast will feature sermons, conversations, interviews, and music in a way that will help you discover more about God, more about yourselves, and more about our call to make the world better. Our call is to provide hope, help, healing, restoration, and answers to the world around us. The Crossover Church Podcast will tell the story!

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Meet Our Hosts

Tommy Kyllonen

Tommy Kyllonen

Christopher J Harris

Christopher J Harris

The Crossover Pastors and Staff will be the primary providers of the content for the Crossover Podcast. With a heart for the community, a high value for accurate biblical teaching and the application of scripture, a desire to see the local church healthy, and a love for godly creativity including music, poetry, writings, and other content, you will be inspired to think big, take risks, and hold a healthy disregard for the impossible! Occasionally, we will also host guests who will come and share in our efforts to help life make sense.

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If you’ve heard something that encourages you, or you have a question that you’d like to share or even a topic that you’d love for us to cover, feel free to contact us and we will follow-up with you!


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